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2nd July

ALL Buddhas attain Buddhahood through the seed of the Mystic Law. The Daishonin clarified that it is one and the same principle, not any other special means that equally enables all people to attain enlightenment.

THE cause for development exists in a single person’s earnestness; stagnation and inertia originate in one’s affectations and irresponsibility.

TO live in such a way where we can perceive everything in terms of faith and are always determined to overcome all suffering and obstacles through faith means to walk the path towards ever-lasting happiness.

THERE is a Mongolian proverb, “A hundred friends are more precious than a hundred Tugrig.” People who have friends are rich. Quite often, the encouragement and stimulation of friends spur us towards self-improvement. We are inspired to lead fulfilling lives and creates a better world, and to work together with our friends towards that goal.

NICHIREN DAISHONIN wrote, “Anyone who teaches others even a single phrase of the Lotus Sutra is the envoy of the Thus Come One.” (WND, p33) The Thus Come One refers to the Buddha. Those who talk to another person about the greatness of faith, even if just a few words, are messengers of the Buddha. Through the very act of talking to someone about Buddhism, whether or not that person takes up faith, we accumulate boundless benefits and good fortune as the Buddha’s envoys.

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