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28th August

I hope you will never become the kind of cowardly individuals who gaze on indifferently while wrongdoing is perpetrated, taking the attitude that it does not concern you and that getting involved will only be to your detriment – the kind of self-serving individuals who constantly try to make themselves look good and maneuver to protect themselves from becoming the target of attack. Indifference to injustice is our enemy. Those who pretend not to see evil are accomplices of evil.

IN the multitude of people’s personalities, we see the Buddhist principle of cherry, plum, peach and apricot blossom at work. Just as each blossom is beautiful in its own way, each person is also endowed with their own special qualities.

WE must live our lives tenaciously to the very end. This is the spirit of Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism. In order to do this, it is vital never to be defeated. And this applies not only to us as individuals, but to our families and the organization as well. We must triumph over everything and always keep pressing on. Our endeavour to live this way in itself constitutes victory.

IF one practices reluctantly with a sense that it is a waste of time, disbelief and complaints will erase his good fortune. If one continues to practice this way, he will not experience remarkable benefits, and this will only serve to further convince him that his practice is in vain. This is a vicious cycle.

POSITION, social status and wealth all have their own relative importance, but in the final analysis, real happiness is determined by one’s state of life.

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