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3rd August

WE who possess a supreme commitment to spreading the Mystic Law are unequalled on strength. With this firm conviction, please lead as many people as possible to the great, eternal path of absolute happiness. And please boldly raise the banner of victory – signifying your wonderful triumph in life and struggle for kosen-rufu – in the place of your mission.

NICHIREN DAISHONIN said, “One day of life is more valuable than all the treasures of the major system.” (WND, p955) Therefore, it is important that we make the most of each and every day.

WORKING for the members, looking after them with kindness and consideration – in other words, serving the Buddha’s children – is the same as making offerings to the Buddha and the Law. The state of Buddhahood within you will be strengthened when you do this. Everything will be transformed into your personal good fortune.

UNITY is not just huddling together in a cosy flock or leaning on each other for support. True unity is the joint struggle of courageous individuals who share and put into action the stand-alone spirit. In such unity lies the key to achieving the unprecedented undertaking of kosen-rufu.

NOTHING is wasted in working for kosen-rufu. Absolutely nothing ever goes to waste in our efforts to introduce Buddhism to others. I am sure that, at times, many of you are concerned and anxious that your efforts to share Nichiren Daishonin’s teachings with others are not proceeding as you might hope. But these are all noble struggles that arise out of your desire to lead others to happiness.

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