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8th August

LIFE is a battle. Unless one has an unbreakable steel-like spirit, one cannot accomplish momentous undertakings. When we look at historical figures, and in modern society as well, it is only those who have forged a spirit as strong as steel that are victorious or successful. There is no one who has achieved success by taking it easy. There is no ultimate victory to be found in such an approach.

EVERYTHING depends on the heart. It is the same in our Buddhist practice. Only by struggling to deepen our faith can we bring forth our Buddha nature. Simply talking on and on about revolutionizing one’s state of life does not change anything.

BUDDHISM places first priority on people’s hearts and minds. Everything is determined by one’s heart. If one makes serious, earnest efforts, one will definitely receive benefits. In contrast, if one acts with cunning and deception, one will just as surely suffer and lose out in the end. Buddhism is very strict in this respect. This very strictness ensures that, ultimately, the serious, earnest person wins.

BUDDHISM aims to make people free in the most profound sense; its purpose is not to restrict or constrain. Doing gongyo is a right, not an obligation. Because Buddhism entails practice, tenacious efforts are required, but these are all for your sake. If you want to have great benefits or develop a profound state of life, you should exert yourself accordingly.

TRUE happiness does not exist in the pursuit of superficial value. You have an important mission to shoulder responsibility for the world in the 21st century. Therefore, you should never be carried away by shallow trends of the times and you should exert yourselves to lay the foundation of your life.

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