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7th September

UNLESS we eradicate the impurities and negative, destructive tendencies that exist within us, we cannot obtain true happiness. That is why we must strive against that which is evil and destructive.

THE greatest enemy of learning is fear. This is true of language, of art, of every subject and area of study. When one is afraid of being laughed at, of being embarrassed, of being looked down upon by others for one’s mistakes, shortcomings or limitations, progress becomes very difficult. The important thing is to be brave.

SOKA GAKKAI’S founder, Mr Makiguchi, clearly distinguished between two different ways of life: one is to improve, always aspiring towards the lofty goal and making tireless efforts to carry it through to the end. The other is to bring all progress and improvement to a halt by satisfying oneself with something less. People who make great efforts are progressive, always refreshing and bright. They are modest.

IT is only human beings who often tend to stray from the correct path, destroying the harmony that originally existed, on account of their possessing, for better or for worse, freedom and consciousness. Buddhism exists to help us recover the correct orbit for our lives and, moreover, limitlessly develop ourselves. It is in order to advance along the correct path of humanity and the correct path of life that we carry out our Buddhist practice.

YOUTH is a time of worries and troubles. This is only natural, since one cannot possibly understand everything and make completely unrestricted progress while still young. Remember that this confused period of problems and suffering serves, rather, as fertile ground from which to launch oneself towards a complete and fulfilling future.

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