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15th October

ALTHOUGH idealism is very important, idealism without a balance touch of realism cannot bring victory in the struggles of real life. On the other hand, a reality bereft of ideas will quickly sink into mere ugliness.

A profound ideal makes for a profound life, and a great goal makes for a great man. A life without an ideal, a goal, may lack any effort of difficulty, and there is no joy of improvement either. All that there is, is a sad and empty self.

A change in our determination first produces a change in the inner reaches of our life; it enables us to manifest qualities of excellent health, abundant strength and boundless wisdom. A life that has been transformed in this way will lead others in the direction of happiness, and be committed to vanquishing evil.

ONLY Buddhism solves the fundamental sufferings of birth, old age, sickness and death inherent in the human condition. These sufferings have remained essentially unchanged throughout the course of human history, plaguing the ancient Egyptians as mush as they do to us in our scientifically advanced world today. One of the reasons why people around the world are seeking Buddhism so earnestly is that it solves the question of life and death.

THE new century is one in which the wisdom of women will truly shine. It is the century in which women will stand up to play an increasingly active role. And those organisations, companies and nations where women are able to speak out freely on any subject and dynamically actualise their potential will experience growth and prosperity.

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