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24th October

IF spring is symbolic of vibrant activity, then autumn is the season of the mind; and if summer is the time of impassioned celebration, then winter must be the season of training. Thus, I have chosen to walk a path through the four seasons of life so as to live with infinite value.

PEOPLE who have experienced real hardship know how to look at, and discipline themselves. People who sit back nonchalantly and enjoy comfortable lives, whike making others do all the hard work, tend to lose sight of themselves and what is accepted as normal behaviour. Such people eventually miss their footing and go astray somewhere along the way.

VALIANT and courageous people do not regard defeating feeble adversaries as any achievement. Rather, they aspire to fighting and defeating powerful enemies. The stronger one’s opponent, the more vigourously one must fight to win. A true disciple of Nichiren Daishonin takes pride in waging such a struggle.

GONGYO and chanting daimoku represent a ceremony in which our lives commune with the universe. Gongyo is an activity in which, through our faith in the Gohonzon, we vigorously infuse the microcosm of our individual existence with the life force of the macrocosm, of the entire universe. If we do this regularly each morning and evening, our life force – our engine – is strengthened.

MR TODA once firmly instructed the Youth Division: “If the members all support the third president, kosen-rufu will surely be achieved.” If the SGI remains based on the spirit of the mentor and disciple that was share by the first, second and third presidents, its future triumph is assured. This is the sole source for the everlasting growth and development of our organisation. I would like to make this point absolutely clear for the sake of the future.

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