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30th October

TO continue advancing on the path of mentor and disciple for the next 10, 20, 30 years, even if no one is watching our efforts – that is the spirit of a genuine practitioner of Buddhism.

EVERYTHING is contained in the single word, faith. It encompasses truth, courage, wisdom and good fortune. It includes compassion and humanity as well as peace, culture and happiness. Faith is eternal hope; it is the secret to limitless self-development. Faith is the most basic principle for growth.

THIS is the age of self-indulgence. Therefore, those who lack a clear direction in life inadvertently drift towards merrymaking and pleasure-seeking. The organisation of kosen-rufu and SGI activities direct one towards self-improvement and towards realising true fulfilment in life. No action taken based on faith is wasted. In every respect, such actions will come to take on the greatest significance.

OPTIMISTS are raised by good mothers. It is important for mothers to be optimistic and not brood over their troubles. Such cheerfulness, while not only being beneficial for the mother herself, will also become a source of strength for the children throughout their lives. If a mother is full of vitality, then her children will be also. Thus, she will enable the whole family and those around them to feel at ease to go about their activities full of hope.

THERE are innumerable types of suffering. What we should realise is that the times when we suffer severely are also when we challenge and change our karma, and unlock the door to great good fortune. True happiness means to establish a condition in which we can gladly face even the greatest suffering and overcome it.

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