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12th November

WE need to strive daily to build and expand our connections with people based on Buddhism, sowing the “seeds of the Mystic Law” and the “seeds of victory” in their hearts. These seeds will assuredly blossom as “flowers of peace and happiness” that fill the new century with exquisite fragrance.

THE SGI has always placed the highest value on people of true sincerity. Faithfulness will always be met in kind, and doubled. This is the attitude of a person with religious faith, his path as a human being. The mind of true faith – we value that mind. From that conviction, trust and good fortune grow, deepen and spread.

NO one is an island unto himself or herself. We can only uncover and reveal our wonderful potential when we have many good people around us - trusted friends who support us and respected seniors to whom we can turn to for sound advice. For this reason, please cultivate wisdom. This is the purpose of faith. Do not forget the importance of practising with the SGI, an organisation of harmonious family.

THE more difficulties we encounter, the more we can deepen our faith. This is the way Buddhism works. So, should we find ourselves in circumstances worse than any we could have imagined, we must courageously challenge them head on. This spirit and the actions we actually take towards this end are linked to attaining Buddhahood. To those who live in accord with this Mystic Law, sufferings are benefits, difficulties are happiness. There can be no unhappiness in life.

REMEMBER that sincere and courteous words express your own humanity and show the highest regard for the other person as an individual.

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