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21st November

NOT everything in life can turn out as you would like. There are times of winning and times of losing. However, even if you should suffer momentary loss, you must not be defeated by your own self. Those who lose the inner battle are most wretched. No matter what might happen, no matter what you might be told, no matter how difficult your present circumstances, as long as you win the battle with yourself, you will be a victor in life.

THERE is no greater happiness than chanting daimoku. A voice chanting the Mystic Law instantly reaches the farthest corners of the universe. The more we chant, and the more we teach others to do the same, the more we make it possible for ourselves to attain a state of life in which we can travel unhindered through the universe with perfect serenity and freedom. Daimoku is the source of good fortune and boundless life force throughout the three existences of past, present and future.

FAITH is a battle between the “Buddha” and “devils”. Since Myoho is a fundamental principle that leads to happiness, the battle between good and evil is severe, the conflict between happiness and suffering intense. Just when you think that there could not be any greater unhappiness; that is when real faith and tremendous joy begin to sprout. This is the true power of faith and the ultimate joy a human being can experience.

THE Mystic Law is eternal. So those who live in accord with this Law are eternal. The Mystic Law is vast and limitless. So those who live in accord with the Mystic Law are truly living with the vast and limitless state of mind equal to the universe.

GANDHI said: “If a man has a living faith in him, it spreads its aroma like the rose its scent.” A “living faith” lies not in abstract concepts or commandments; it is found in action and in practice. It means that our conduct is the embodiment of our faith.

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