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5th November

HE whose words are sought after are trusted and whose attitude is one of tolerance and understanding can win great support and develop capable people.

THE first thing people look at in others is how they conduct their daily lives. What is their life like? How do they rate on the counts of culture and integrity? The eyes of others are extremely exalting. No matter how correct the Law is, it is pointless to think that society will trust someone who embraces it, if they are loose with money, lack good sense or behave in a high-handed manner.

MUTUAL development and true Buddhist practice lie in joining together with people from many different backgrounds, experiencing various challenges together with them as we encourage each other to grow and move forward together. Herein lies a genuinely humanistic way of living and the path to true freedom. Practising together with many good people enables us to grow. This is in accord with the principle of the oneness of life and its environment.

THE benefit of the Mystic Law is inconspicuous. Even if we cannot see the results of our efforts right away, everything is constantly moving in the very best direction for our lives. That itself is the most profound benefit.

FAITH is the engine that powers our growth throughout life. But without making concrete efforts to advance, that engine would not work. For students, advancement means studying. Even if you chant and engage in faith-related activities, if you do not challenge yourself in your studies, you will be like a stalled car that is going nowhere.

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