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7th November

HAPPINESS is not something bestowed on us by others or that it comes from somewhere outside us. It is something that we ourselves must gain, with our own hearts. As Nichiren Daishonin said, "It is the heart that is important." (WND, P 1000)

THE satisfaction one feels, as he/she chants daimoku to the Gohonzon about the problems that arise in his/her immediate environment and surmounts them one by one, is proof of his/her human revolution, and of the faith that will enable him/her to accumulate happiness and good fortune eternally.

BEING alone may seem carefree and undemanding but it is a very sad and lonely experience. Cut off from others, we can neither polish our character nor develop our potential. The challenge lies in developing truly rich human relations. Good human relations are treasures that enrich our lives.

PEOPLE instinctively wish for protection for themselves and their loved ones when faced with sudden natural disaster or threat, and at the most desperate and dire of times. When such a wish is powerfully concentrated, it becomes a prayer. It is not of the realm of logic or intellect. It transcends such things. Prayer is an act in which we give expression to the pressing and powerful wishes and hopes in the depths of our being and yearn for their fulfilment.

UNSHAKEABLE faith, a future-orientated outlook, warm consideration, abundant wisdom, enthusiasm towards one’s mission, and a vast life-condition capable of embracing everything – these qualities cultivated through faith constitute a humanity capable of penetrating people’s lives, and opening the doors of their hearts.

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