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9th November

THOSE of you, who have encountered the Mystic Law, this sublime law of life, in your youth, are the happiest and most fortunate people in the world. The question is whether or not you can fully appreciate this fact. The only way you can really awaken to the wonder of this practice is to actually experience it yourself.

I want you to be sharp, considerate and wise people. And whatever happens, you must never lose heart, you must always keep trying and be patient. Such a person will always triumph. It is the Lotus Sutra that has taught us this unbeatable strategy.

A person of conviction who leads an upstanding life and demonstrates shining victory in society is a true winner. More precisely put, a person who has faith is the ultimate victor. Buddhism exists to enable us to lead such a life. This is something that I want to clarify for the sake of the future.

OUR life grows only to the degree that we give hope and courage to others, and enable them to develop their lives. Therefore, while we speak of practising for others, it is we ourselves who ultimately benefit. With this understanding comes the ability to take action with a sense of appreciation.

EVEN those without much education can obtain Buddhahood if their faith is strong. On the other hand, even someone who graduated from the highest educational institution may suffer in the state of Hell if he/she becomes arrogant.

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