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17th December

NO prayer to the Gohonzon goes unanswered. The Mystic Law is a great teaching that enables us to change poison into medicine. Through faith we can transform all sufferings into something positive and beneficial, and develop a higher state of life.

IN the organisation, on the job and in human relations, it is only natural that we should experience worries and deadlocks from time to time. But it is precisely at such time that we must break through. There is no alternative other than to advance and realise victory through our own efforts.

EXAMS are a form of training that allows you to develop your mind and your forbearance. What matters is that you never give up but continue making efforts. It is important that even if you get a bad grade, you have the spirit to try harder next time. If you did not do well today, there is always next time. And if you do not do well next time either, there is always the time after that. It is important to have the tenacity and persistence to keep challenging yourself time after time. Your entire life is a process of strengthening your mind and your endurance.

THERE is no doubt that one who lives with strong faith and a constant seeking spirit will definitely enjoy a life of total fulfilment. Your future is a hope-filled one. My hope is that each of you will become as solid as great trees, blossoming on the stage of the world. Please advance with youthful faith throughout your lives, never forgetting your original spirit.

UNLESS one stands up when times demand, one cannot be called a true human being, nor can one be called a disciple of Nichiren Daishonin. If we let evil have its way, it would be just too wretched for our successors. How greatly everyone would suffer!

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