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20th December

GONGYO is fundamental to the basics of faith, practice and study. Remember that our organisation, as well as all guidance and encouragement, begins and ends with gongyo.

WE might think that it would be nice to practise on our own in isolation from others, just following our own whims. But such a course would ultimately only make us extremely selfish and vulnerable to negative influences, thereby causing us to lose our way from the correct path. Any freedom that we might believe we had in practising in such a manner would just be a sham; we would never attain a state of life of true freedom.

THE comments of people close to you can help you focus your individuality on a positive direction. The education and guidance, advice, warnings and even rebukes that you receive can all be used constructively to steer you along the right path. On the other hand, refusing to listen to others' advice, doing only what you want to the exclusion of all else, cannot be described as individuality. That is just being stubborn, and it does not benefit anyone.

NO one is perfect. Therefore, let us strive to compensate for one another's weaknesses while allowing each person's strengths to shine to the fullest. Good fortune accrues from such a spirit of unity.

CHEERFULLY through your own splendid lives, I would like you to prove the statement, “Time is a great writer.” Your happiness alone is my fervent wish – and prayer.

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