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4th December

NEVER forgetting debts of gratitude incurred when one has been protected in times of great difficulty is what humanity is all about. This is the correct behaviour of a human being. Being friendly to those you are indebted to when you have fallen upon hard times, but casting them off the minute your fortunes improve - such behaviour deviate not only from the path of humanity, but from one's path as a Buddhist as well.

THE Mystic Law activates all things. Through its practice we can give full play to the unique character and culture of our particular area, causing it to blossom. While earnestly seeking to contribute to the community, we can create and expand a seamless and boundless solidarity of peace and justice.

THERE is no doubt that you can make fruitful progress in your activities towards kosen-rufu of the true Law, when you advance with both wisdom and action. If you have only one of the two, your activities will tend to be unsound.

IT is important for youth to cultivate their minds, hearts and characters. If young people only pursue and neglect the development of their humanity, then society will rapidly move in the wrong direction. Fostering well-balanced individuals based on solid character development is essential.

PHILOSOPHY is essentially the wisdom that helps us to lead better lives. When we acquire that philosophy, that knowledge, through our Buddhist practice, it becomes a source of boundless strength that we can tap freely to respond to life’s diverse challenges, and we also come to see that we are advancing on the road towards genuine happiness and fulfilment.

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