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8th December

IN Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism, kosen-rufu is never just a distant ideal. It can be found in one's efforts to gain trust and expand the circle of understanding at his/her place of work and in daily life. The progress of kosen-rufu is totally determined by the behaviour of those who embrace the Gohonzon.

WE need to cultivate the spirit to be able to live with self-assurance, to be able to make our way joyously through life. We practise this faith precisely in order to forge such a strong and vibrant inner resolve.

WITHOUT the wisdom and intellect to shrewdly discern good from evil, and truth from falsehood, one is destined to live a life of failure. Therefore, it is all the more important for us believers of True Buddhism to be more sagacious and clear-eyed than anyone else. In light of our responsibilities to lead others to happiness, we must on no account allow ourselves to be deceived by evil.

IF you continue to advance on the path of kosen-rufu, life force will naturally well up from the depths of your being. As the years pass, you will grow younger and younger and live to the end of your days filled with vitality. That is what Buddhism teaches us, and that is what so many of our worthy seniors and comrades in faith have shown us through the examples of their lives.

GANDHI asserted that even if there was one pure person in a gathering, the rest would be affected by that one person’s purity. The presence of one person is important. If one person stands up, two, three, and more are certain to follow his or her example. Those who can stand alone possess true courage and are genuine leaders.

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