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1st January

A New Year. The sun of a grand and lofty state of being rises high. An ancient Chinese maxim urges, "Renew yourself each day." In this New Year, I hope you will all, without exception, make wonderful progress, free of any regrets, in the place where you are carrying out your mission and on the stage of your life. Please establish a towering record of complete victory.

AGAIN today the sun rises. And, in the same way, again today we chant daimoku, causing the inner sun to rise in our hearts. Once the sun rises, everything is illuminated. The challenge is to keep this sun blazing brilliantly in the depths of our lives, to each day renew our determination to chant, strive on, live victoriously and accumulate good fortune. Herein lies the ultimate path of happiness.

DAILY we change, daily we grow. This is human revolution. This is the life of a person of true faith. It is no good to be always saying the same things, succumbing to inertia. Rather, please start by creating waves of change from within your own heart.

TO sit in front of the Gohonzon, chant daimoku and perform gongyo is, in all senses, the most dignified and significant ceremony that is in perfect unison with the cosmic law. In chanting, each individual human being, a microcosm, comes to harmonise with the fundamental rhythm of the macrocosm. Every day we can revitalise and infuse our lives with youthfulness. This is the first fundamental rhythm of the macrocosm. Everyday we can revitalise and infuse our lives with youthfulness. This is the first fundamental of good health and longevity.

VALUE is born and victory shines forth in your life only to the extent that you develop your life condition. Good fortune and benefit adorn your existence only to the extent that you live out your life exerting yourself for the sake of the Law and for the sake of kosen-rufu.

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