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15th February

SHAKUBUKU enables others to give up their attachments to mistaken views, causing them to entertain doubts about their shallow way of living. It is a noble act through which we teach others a true way of life and show them the eternal, correct course to a happy existence. There is no greater or more deeply compassionate practice for a human being.

FAITH requires us to continue to the end. Along the way there will be many valleys to travel and mountains to cross. Sometimes you may feel exhausted, and there may be times when you are unable to do a full morning and evening gongyo. The important thing, however, is never to stray from or abandon the Gohonzon.

A person who takes correct action and lives correctly on the foundation of correct faith will be protected by the Buddhist gods and by all Buddhas. The original Buddha will certainly protect such a person.

THERE may be times, certainly, when being a member of an organisation seems bothersome and we just want to be alone. But how sad it is if we are left alone without any support, and then lose faith. True growth comes from striving together with our fellow members in the living realm of human beings, ourselves experiencing the rich gamut of human emotions.

VICTORS are always sincere. The arrogant, who betray others' sincerity, always come to a fall in the end, even though it may seem for a time that they have gained the upper hand. The happy are always sincere and they possess inner strength. Such people shine as the ultimate victors.

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