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20th February

THOSE who are always striving towards a cause, towards an ideal, are ever young. Their minds are alert and they are full of vitality. This is all the more true of those who uphold the Mystic Law, which is un-aging and undying. Faith is the foundation for developing a youthful, inner glow. No amount of make up or cosmetics can compare to what faith can do. Our Buddhist practice enables us to become beautiful from within, cleansing and purifying our lives.

WHAT is important is that we dauntlessly advance along the correct path based on our own conviction. Continually self-reflecting and pondering the direction we wish to take in life, we should make a fresh departure along the path of our mission each day.

THOUGH you may be unable to carry out a complete practice of morning and evening gongyo, so long as you maintain faith in and a seeking mind towards the Gohonzon throughout your life, your good fortune will never diminish. What is important is that you tenaciously continue your practice of faith and strive to improve yourself, year in and year out.

MAINTAIN your faith throughout your life. Because the purpose of faith is to attain enlightenment in this lifetime, you can declare that you have practised faith correctly only when you have carried it out throughout your life. If you should backslide halfway, you can by no means say that your faith was genuine.

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