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7th February

YOUR posture and attitude while doing gongyo should always be one of dignity. Your gongyo should resound youthfully, giving courage and hope to your members who are followers of the Bodhisattvas of the Earth.

IN all things, wisdom is the key to victory. A wise person can make the best use of everything. He/she can make the first strike. He/she can see opportunities and take advantage of them. He/she can change negative into positive. Power may be limited, but wisdom is limitless.

IT is important to actively go out and meet people. Interaction with others opens up fresh, exciting possibilities. We can learn something new and broaden our horizons. Meeting people gives zest to life and stimulates our minds. Moreover, once the cycle has been started, one encounter gives way to other fresh encounters. Thus, meeting people is something all leaders must make their responsibility.

HOW to orientate your mind, the kind of attitude you take, greatly influences both you yourself and your environment. Through the power of strong inner resolve, we can transform ourselves, those around us and the land in which we live. When we change our attitude, we can change our circumstances. Buddhism teaches the principle of the oneness of life and its environment and that a single life moment contains three thousand realms.

PLEASE strive hard as a member of society in your own sphere of activities, in your work-place and your community, always basing yourself on faith and become the kind of person of whom others speak with admiration and praise. I would like each of you to become a person who is respected and trusted by all. This is kosen-rufu. Causing people trouble and engaging in duplicity, on the other hand, degrades Buddhism and constitutes slander of the Law.

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