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14th April

HOPE and courage do not lie somewhere far out of reach, nor are they bestowed on us from without. Anyone who align themselves with the Mystic Law can tap from within their lives an indomitable state of being as vast as the universe and make it shines forth with sun-like brilliance wherever they may be. Here we find a philosophy of the highest humanism for which the world has been yearning and waiting.

IT is not a matter of leading a timid and weak existence, seeking to avoid obstacles and difficulties. Rather, we should have the spirit, "Come what may, I will survive!" "I will climb another mountain! And the more I climb, the more I can enjoy my life, and the more people I can help become happy." Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism is the teaching for leading the ultimate "active life".

FAITH encompasses everything - responsibility, compassion, wisdom, good fortune, life force and personality. Advancing in faith, in step with the times and always striving to make greater efforts, is the true practice of the Buddhism of the True Cause.

IT may be perfectly natural for ordinary men and women to pray for many practical benefits in daily lives. Nevertheless, we must profoundly note the Daishonin's wish that the core of our faith should always be the desire to be a Buddha. Born as ordinary human beings, the Daishonin is showing us the true goal as human beings.

BY correctly embracing the Gohonzon throughout our lives, we can manifest Buddhahood, the supreme condition of life, in lifetime after lifetime. In order to receive such benefit, to embrace the Gohonzon is the single precept that we must observe. This is termed in Buddhism the precept of the diamond chalice, a precept which, like a diamond, is impossible to break.

NOTE: Visit for Nichiren Daishonin's gosho, Letter to the Brothers.