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13th April

WHEN doing home visitation, one should behave with good sense. Even with close friends, courteous behaviour is the first step to gaining understanding and trust.

WE must not try to make the merits and good fortune that we accumulate through our daimoku our own possession and keep them to ourselves. The unlimited merits of the Mystic Law transcend the narrow bounds of the self and spread out to encompass others and the entire universe. It is important to use them in a way that benefits society.

HUMANITY cannot be manifested by merely flattering others or trying to gain popularity; rather it is determined by how much you have prayed for your juniors and how hard you have exerted yourself for their welfare. That earnestness emanates from you - and it is this which impresses and moves others. For profound faith is the essence of a person's humanity.

EVERYONE without exception seeks happiness and peace. One person may pursue "treasures of the storehouse", while another pursues "treasures of the body" such as status and wealth. But true happiness lies in accumulating "treasures of the heart". And the substance of the treasures of the heart is a great state of life totally dedicated to faith.

THE times are changing ever more rapidly with each passing year. Darkness and confusion grow ever deeper. For that very reason, I hope you will all triumph with strong faith and resolute action. In accord with the Buddhist principle of "consistency from beginning to end", your victory will determine the victory for all future generations. This is the formula for winning in Buddhism. Now is the time for you to solidly secure the cause the victory in your own lives.

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