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19th November

NO matter how many cowardly, crafty, dishonest, irresponsible and spiritually weak people you assemble, you cannot accomplish anything of value. All it takes is a single individual – a single individual earnestly striving in the field of his or her mission and is prepared to accept full responsibility for it. Such a person will be the foundation from which the flames of the victory of justice will burn bright and spread forever.

WE can understand neither faith nor life through theory or logic alone. Life is not an abstraction. It has to be lived and experienced. It is the history we write through our real-life efforts and struggles.

FROM my youth I have survived every conceivable kind of struggle, I have faced one test after another, I have steeled myself harder and harder. That is why I am afraid of nothing now. Nothing shakes me. I am never defeated. I have learned that harsh Buddhist practice is necessary to produce a person of true faith.

LIFE is occasioned by various hardships and difficulties. However, it is only by overcoming difficulties that we can leave behind a brilliant history and attain greatness as human beings. If life were all smooth sailing and we had neither hardships nor obstacles to contend with, then how could we polish ourselves? How could our activities in life constitute a "practice"?

READING the gosho and deeply absorbing its supreme philosophy of life will enable you to expand and deepen the scope of your own precious existence. Reading the gosho consistently throughout your life will create an excellent foundation for your existence and become the great cause for achieving tremendous growth in faith.

NOTE: Visit for Nichiren Daishonin's gosho, On Reprimanding Hachiman.