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18th November

I believe the time has come when you will be introducing Buddhism to eminent scholars, scientists and others. If you are going to be able to give convincing explanations on such occasions, it is absolutely vital that you master the Buddhist teachings.

IT is important to live long but how you live is even more important than how long you live. Did you accomplish your goals?

THOSE who continue struggling are great. There is no such thing as "retiring" in life. This is all the more true in the world of faith. Our faith should not be affected by our having reached retirement age or having grown advanced in years. Buddhism is strict. The path of mentor and disciple is strict. The lives of those who wage an unremitting struggle in faith are most sublime.

ORDINARILY, most people probably assume that doing evil is worse than simply not doing good. Not doing evil, but not doing any good either - this is how most people in the modern age lives. But SGI First President Makiguchi argued that not to do good is the same as doing evil.

NOVEMBER – our founding month is a month of creating new history. It is also a month in which courageous, self-reliant champions of justice rise purposefully into action. Kosen-rufu is a process of endless creativity and forward movement that does not permit even a moment’s cessation or stagnation. Our founding month lives on forever in the present because our victory at each moment, right now, contributes to “founding” an ever-victorious SGI that will solidly endure the next 50, next 100 years.

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