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24th December

YOU may think that it is fine to practise by yourself, without being bothered by anybody. You may find it pleasant to have no responsibilities. However, such as attitude will not allow you to carry out the true faith, practice and study of Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism. Without an organisation, you cannot keep your practice on the right track, nor can you train or polish each other in faith; nor develop or improve your faith.

WHAT matters is faith. What matters is our heart. Even if individuals enjoy fame and social standing, if their hearts and minds are at odds with the true spirit of faith, they will eventually end up straying from the path of happiness. The Daishonin said, "If you are of the same mind as Nichiren, you must be a Bodhisattva of the Earth." (MW1, p93) To be "of the same mind as Nichiren" is to lead a life of the greatest integrity and happiness.

THE sun does not discriminate. Likewise, the Buddhism of the sun is completely impartial. People, who give the appearance of having faith in this Buddhism, yet act in a discriminatory manner against others, should be viewed as devilish functions bent on destroying the Buddhism of the sun.

THE entire universe is like your own personal bank account. The amount of fortune we can withdraw depends solely on our faith. Faith means battling life’s negative functions. Justice means struggling against adversity.

TO become happy not only ourselves, but to enable others to become happy as well; to bring harmony to our local communities; and to help our nations flourish and bring peace to the whole world – the lives of those who pray and work to achieve these goals pulse with faith that is dedicated to realising kosen-rufu.

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