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23rd December

THERE are no obstacles that cannot be overcome by chanting daimoku. There are no deadlocks in Buddhism. Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is the "wonderful means" for breaking through all obstacles and opening up our lives limitlessly with courage and composure. That is why the Daishonin urged, "Employ the strategy of the Lotus Sutra before any other." (MW1, p246)

THE vast universe, and our own lives as well, are entities of the Ten Worlds and the three thousand realms. When we devote ourselves to the fundamental law of the universe, the Gohonzon, the life of Buddhahood will arise within us. It is our daily efforts in Buddhist practice and faith that serve as the basis to solidify within ourselves the indestructible life-condition of Buddhahood.

THE Mystic Law is a truly wondrous Law. Those who live their lives in rhythm with the Mystic Law will enjoy complete fulfilment and contentment. Even the desires in the very depth of your heart will definitely be fulfilled on some form. I hope you will show proof of this through your lives.

REAL freedom ultimately hinges on what you decide to dedicate yourself to with all your heart. It does not mean loafing around with nothing to do. It is not spending money like water. It is not having all the free time in the world. It is not taking long vacations. Doing only as you please and desire is not freedom; it is nothing more than self-indulgence. True freedom lies in the ongoing challenge to develop yourself, to achieve your chosen goal. This path is paved with the glittering gold of freedom.

DURING Nichiren Daishonin's lifetime, cowardly disciples discarded their faith and turned against him. There is nothing more pitiful and despicable. We must never abandon out faith. We will only lose out if we do so. Since we are here on Earth, let us live our lives striving to achieve kosen-rufu and accumulate immense good fortune and benefits.

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