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2nd December

BUDDHISM is victory or defeat. Life is an eternal struggle. To the end, we should live with strength and vigour. In any realm of activity, reality is very strict. It is the power of Buddhism that enables us to win in any situation. Difficulties are inevitable in life - that is true for everyone. Herein lies a profound reason for our practice; we should always remember this.

THE process of human revolution is one of steady, marked improvement, enabling us to keep growing and developing throughout our lives and for all eternity. We will never hit a limit, a dead end, in our journey for self-perfection. Faith is the engine, the power source for our ongoing human revolution.

GUIDANCE in Buddhism is guidance aimed at the very depths of life. It is an all-out challenge to motivate someone to change his/her life. Unless our own life overflows with vitality, nothing we do or say will penetrate the lives of others.

WHETHER one always acts with faith, or complains that erases the good causes for benefit which he has thus far created, depends on one's ichinen (determination). Herein lies the vital importance of one's ichinen and attitude in faith.

KOSEN-RUFU is also a great undertaking that will take thousands of years to accomplish. We must bring this enterprise to completion while passing on the strong heart of faith and the eternal spirit of the Soka Gakkai from generation to generation.

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