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1st December

WE cannot win in our jobs unless we are in good health. The workplace is one of society's battlefields. Since Buddhism finds expression in society, we need to exhibit a strong life force in that realm in order to be victorious.

THOUGH our bodies may age, through participating in SGI activities our hearts and minds remain as bright and shining as the sun. We are youthful as long as we live. Those who work for others' happiness and for Buddhism remain vigourous and full of energy.

PEOPLE may circulate deceptive rumours and baseless accusations with the intent of wounding or harming others. But never allow yourself to be swayed by such malice in the least. Only you will lose out if you do. The vital thing is that you strive resolutely for kosen-rufu with an unshakeable spirit.

THE Daishonin’s teachings constitute our foundation. The Gosho is our eternal standard. When we view things in the light of the mirror of the Gosho, there is absolutely nothing that we need to fear, and furthermore, we are able to see through all malevolent scheming. How fortunate we are to possess such a mirror!

THE law of the Myoho is the fundamental principle which can fundamentally change this age of sadness and tragedy into one of absolute happiness. This is the purpose of our movement for kosen-rufu. It may seem like a detour, but there is no other way to open a definite path towards mankind’s happiness.

NOTE: Visit for Nichiren Daishonin's gosho, On Reprimanding Hachiman.