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9th January

TRAINING means to dedicate ourselves sincerely to the two ways of practice and study. A person who does not undergo rigorous training cannot be expected to express his full potential and act wisely at a crucial moment in life or to accomplish major undertakings. A person who lacks training will, in the long run, be disregarded by others and experience painful suffering.

A life bound up in worldly fame and the superficial will never develop a satisfying sense of security. All too often, such a person is constantly swayed, and has a tendency to regret and complain. A correct practice of faith can lead only to happiness. It leads everyone, unfailingly and increasingly, towards Buddhahood. I ask each of you to offer guidance and encouragement with that conviction in mind.

GONGYO is a daily activity in which we purify and prime our hearts and minds. It is starting the "engine" for our day's fresh start. It is like grooming ourselves before we set out for the day.

THE Buddhist Law is wondrous and unfathomable. The greater our efforts for kosen-rufu, the greater the energy and strength that wells forth from within us. Our lives overflow with rich benefit.

NUMBERS mean little. What is important is that each individual shines with the brilliance of a hundred or a thousand, and that he or she goes on to become a great leader in society. This is the way you show proof of the two fundamental Buddhist principles: Buddhism manifests itself in society; and faith manifests itself in daily life.

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