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8th January

I hope that you will always maintain a sincere and honest mind both in your faith and in your life. It is also my hope that, with a correct view of life and correct faith, you will become a person with a broad and magnanimous mind.

DEPENDING on how we view any given situation, its meaning will change immediately. Can we not say, then, that faith is the inexhaustible source that gives us the ability to accept all events in a constructive manner? At the same time, no matter what tumultuous changes lie in our path, with ichinen as one's steering wheel, our lives will unfailingly go in the proper direction - one filled with zest, satisfaction and happiness. Such is the function of the Mystic Law.

IN order to bring hope and joy to others, one must feel hope and joy oneself. Hope and joy come from making efforts for the sake of the Buddha's children, because these very efforts help defeat one's own inherent laziness and negativity.

HOW can we create the greatest value in the short span of a lifetime? Those of us who embrace the Mystic Law know the answer. Our faith in and practice of Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism enables us, in the course of this lifetime, to solidify the world of Buddhahood in our lives and establish a state of being of eternal happiness. That is the purpose of faith in the Mystic Law, the purpose of our Buddhist practice.

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