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11th February

THE Gosho stated, "Even if one should become master of his mind, he should not make his mind the master of his life." Instead of basing ourselves on or mind, which easily changes from moment to moment, we should make the fundamental, unchanging principle of Myoho the master of our mind. This is the essential teaching of Buddhism.

NICHIREN DAISHONIN said that within the self that upholds the Mystic Law is a palace of life. The purpose of Buddhist practice is to open that magnificently adorned palace; it is entirely for your own sake. When you are aware of that, everything is transformed into joy. It is a right.

AS long as one perseveres with strong faith, times of the greatest difficulty will become times of the greatest opportunity. A person of strong faith is able to "change poison into medicine", thereby accumulating limitless good fortune. For this reason, no matter what may happen, we have nothing to fear. In difficult times, all we need to do is summon forth still stronger faith.

MR TODA asserted, "If you base yourself on faith, you can come to terms with things that you can't come to terms with intellectually." The key is deciding how you will live your life and then devoting all your strength and energy towards doing just that. This is what faith is all about. This is the life of a person who possesses a solid philosophy.

KOSEN-RUFU is an undertaking that we must pursue in society, in the real world. If we stand apart from society and just utter fine-sounding rhetoric, it will have no value. Kosen-rufu is an indomitable struggle for peace and justice in which we must strive unceasingly against the negative and destructive forces found in the real world.

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