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10th February

YOUR daimoku must include the two aspects of faith and practice, which are like the two wheels of a cart or the two wings of a bird. Of course, it is important to chant daimoku to the Gohonzon with deep faith. You will undoubtedly receive benefit from doing so. But it is important that the daimoku you chant be accompanied by correct practice. It is a question of whether you are equally devoted to practising for the sake of kosen-rufu.

LET us lead lives of eternal victory, indestructible lives of unshakeable conviction. This is the most meaningful life a human being can live. There is no greater teaching than Buddhism. A life that embodies the teachings of Buddhism is a life of ultimate value.

IF a person is hungry, we should give him/her bread to eat. When there is no bread, we can at least give words that nourish. To a person who looks ill or is physically frail, we can turn the conversation to some subject that will lift his/her spirit and fill him/her with hope and determination to get better.

ONE may sincerely believes oneself to be practising Buddhism, but if one does not tell others about Buddhism, neglects to make actions for kosen-rufu, and gives no encouragement to fellow members, then one cannot be said to be correctly practising the Daishonin's Buddhism.

THE basic form of the propagation of the Buddhist Law is an activity among the people, with the people as its object. With that as the basic presupposition, we must look objectively at the times and the societies we live in and select the most effective actions for accomplishing that.

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