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2nd February

VIEWED from the perspective of Buddhism, we are connected and indebted to all other living beings, so we should care for and value them. The supreme way of repaying that debt of gratitude is to share the supreme philosophy of Buddhism with them. As such, introducing Nichiren Daishonin's teachings to others is the greatest gift of friendship.

EVEN though one is ill - in fact, precisely when one is ill - one can experience a rich spiritual life. A person who is spiritually fulfilled remains clear of mind and heart even though their body may be ailing, and gains a deep understanding of many aspects of life.

SIMPLY following others all the time is not very satisfying. There is neither deep joy nor the potential for blazing new trails. Life's true worth, as well as true satisfaction and happiness, arises from actions in which we take the initiative to achieve something we have set our minds to.

A single thought of faith (ichinen), though it is invisible, will always eventually manifest itself in a concrete form. The day will come when the iron-clad law of cause and effect will make itself abundantly clear on the level of individual lives, organisations and societies.

JUST as a satellite precisely follows a fixed orbit in space, the practice of chanting daimoku and shakubuku will place one's life on an eternal "orbit" of happiness. Therefore, for your own sake, please continue to travel the great path of faith with hope and courage.

NOTE: Visit for Nichiren Daishonin's gosho, On Reprimanding Hachiman.