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3rd February

KEEP your daily faith fresh and abreast of the times. This is faith, and the road to vital progress. A tired life-condition means you are defeated.

THE Lotus Sutra teaches the principle of ichinen sanzen. The power of the macrocosm of existence is encompassed in the Mystic Law. That is why there is no difficulty that we cannot overcome, no fate that we cannot transform through the power of the mind of faith. An organisation, too, is basically a reflection of the mind of the people at its core.

STEADY efforts are important. Through our own persistent efforts in our practice of faith, we can create an indomitable condition of eternal happiness in our lives. Advancing a little further and accumulating a little more benefit day by day is the key to finding unshakeable happiness. This principle holds true in other fields of human endeavour as well.

FAITH enables us to secure ultimate victory. It enables us to live out our lives with vigour and joy and to strive to improve ourselves and become the very best people we can be. Moreover, faith enables us to walk through life with complete assurance and confidence, unafraid of anything.

"COME, let us take action!" "Let us work for kosen-rufu!" "Let us expand our SGI network!" Joy resides in such a bright, positive spirit. Those who strive gladly for kosen-rufu and for the welfare of their friends savour true happiness.

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