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14th August

NICHIREN DAISHONIN taught that the Mystic Law possesses limitless power, permeating the entire universe. You already embrace the Mystic Law. Therefore it is certain that you will enjoy prosperity and good fortune.

OUR mission in life is to lead people to the Mystic Law, explaining that this is the Great Law for attaining true happiness and the basis of eternal peace.

BUDDHISM is not something separated from life. It is nothing more than the way of the human being. Faith is what develops truly human people. Those who allow themselves to be dominated by lust for power or other destructive desires are not human beings but some kind of unsightly creatures.

YOUR success or failure in life is not decided on your achievements and results in school. To win true victory in life requires that you keep polishing the unequaled jewel of your unique potential as you make your way through life, bringing it to shine with supreme brilliance.

THE purpose of faith is for each of us to attain happiness. The purpose of Buddhism is for each of us to be victorious. Please be deeply compassionate leaders who protect your fellow members without begrudging your lives.

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