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15th August

IN the realm of Buddhism we are all equal and we are all worthy of respect. We all have a mission and we are all equally direct disciples of Nichiren Daishonin. Everyone, therefore, has the right to voice their opinions. It is also important that we listen to everyone’s opinions as well. It is crucial, too, to create an atmosphere within our organisation where people can discuss things freely.

IF you are not arrogant, do not put on airs, and are not obsessed with status, fame or wealth, you can bring on a strength that is truly selfless; you will not begrudge giving of yourself to others. On the other hand, if you hunger even a little for such fleeting vanities, your faith will slide downhill.

IT is the job of the doctors to cure illness. Faith enables us to accumulate good fortune and summon forth the essential life force to fight against illness. Live with courage and wisdom, so that everything – doctors, medicine and the encouragement of friends – may function as shoten zenjin, a protective and positive influence, for you life.

SINCE we have taken the lead to embrace this great religion to which so much of mankind still remains oblivious, above all it is important that we demonstrate the value of the Buddhism by showing actual proof in our daily lives. Seeing such proof is what enables people to realize for the first time the novelty and greatness of this Buddhism, that it is something they have never encountered up to now.

WIN people’s trust in everything. That is both your own victory and a victory for kosen-rufu.

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