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18th January

SOME may think that our activities are inconsequential and mundane. But I hope you will be aware and proud that each of our efforts contributes to a dynamic momentum that spreads throughout the entire world. The age of the SGI has finally arrived, causing people around the world to sit up in wonder!

ONE of our challenges as human beings is how we maintain a sense of purpose each day. The important thing is to continually strive to find something that gives one joy and hope and thereby bring one's life to a fulfilling and satisfying completion. In any effort, it is the finishing stages that are very important. Similarly, the final chapter of our life is crucial.

OTHER people will go their own way, and you will go yours. It is important to realise your mission which you have decided upon and live up to your convictions. No matter how your surroundings may change, if you remain unswayed and advance straight ahead with steadfast faith, you will become a victor in the end.

THE virtue of wisdom is the source of all creative endeavours. It is necessary that we free ourselves from rigid and fixed modes of thinking, tap fresh sources of wisdom that inspire a flexible and adaptive attitude, and bring this wisdom to bear towards the resolution of these dire threats to human existence.

NEVER forget that you can create two or three times as much value as before when you face each situation with a sense of responsibility and aspiration.

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