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19th January

HAVING knowledge is not itself happiness. To have much knowledge is indeed one essential condition for a personal awakening to life and the development of society. Nevertheless, you should not consider having knowledge to be the same level as enjoying true happiness to the fullest.

THE last of the five cardinal virtues is that of fidelity or, as I think it might be rendered, sincerity. This is the basic element in transforming distrust into trust, hostility into understanding, and hatred into compassion. The elements of confidence and friendship cannot be cultivated "strategically". Real trust is indispensable if the people of the world are to open their hearts and minds to one another.

BATHED in the Daishonin's immense compassion, we are composing an eternal history moment by moment and day by day. We are able to turn the lands where we strive to fulfil our mission into strongholds of everlasting happiness and joy, into eternal Buddha lands. For this reason, no effort made in the realm of faith is wasted. Everything will have a positive meaning. Everything becomes a force propelling us towards the state of eternal happiness over the three existences.

IN faith, things do not just happen automatically. Our prayers are answered only if they are accompanied by tenacious and steadfast efforts. Without ninety-nine percent efforts, there can be no victory.

BUDDHISM teaches that we all inherently possess the state of Buddhahood and so wherever we dwell is in fact the Land of Eternally Tranquil Light. It is the power of the Mystic Law that enables us to transform the place where we are now - the place where we struggle with the daily realities and problems of life - into a place of victory.

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