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4th February

THE world at peace and all humanity living together in harmony is the dream and hope of the 21st century. The surest first step towards realising that goal is human beings reaching out and engaging in dialogue that transcends all differences.

WHETHER you are happy, sad or suffering, if you chant honestly to the Gohonzon with the feelings in your heart, your life will naturally proceed in the best direction.

VICTORY is born of the leaders' all-out efforts and resolute stand-alone spirit. All it takes is just one such person. A successful outcome depends on individuals who are determined to continue moving forward and exerting themselves undaunted - never stopping or retreating, come what may.

UNLESS we study, we will be blind to the realities of society and the world. In that state, we cannot attain the kosen-rufu that will reach out to society at large. Nor will we grasp the profundity of Buddhism itself. Worst of all, we ourselves will become pitiful losers.

WHEN you persevere in faith throughout your life, without begrudging your life, you can attain Buddhahood in this lifetime. Then you can build an eternally indestructible "self" based on the condition of Buddhahood that spans lifetime after lifetime. If you give up your faith along the way, however, this condition of Buddhahood, which should shine on for eternity, will be extinguished.

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