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29th May

KNOWLEDGE alone cannot guarantee happiness. We need to have wisdom if we are to live wisely. Knowledge is like a pump that draws up the water of wisdom. Cultivating wisdom is a shortcut to happiness.

WHEN people speak of wanting to be a success, they generally mean gaining status and prestige in society. But doing our human revolution is a much more profound aspiration, for it involves changing and elevating our lives from within. The transformation achieved as a result is everlasting and far, far more valuable and precious than social status or prestige.

THE Daishonin taught that one should not lament in times of adversity but instead polish oneself and grow as a human being – for this the true way in which a human being should live, the path which a Buddhist follows.

BUDDHISM, of course, is the great and merciful Law that exists for the salvation of all things. I believed that, based on this major premise, we must deeply understand the strict spirit that the Daishonin taught us to have in combating evil. Unless one has the courage and strict mercy to fight against evil, he will not be able to protect the true teaching. Nor will he be able to truly save others.

A strong person stops practising because he is controlled by his own narrow-mindedness, shallow attachment, arrogance, ill feelings towards other believers or selfish desire. No matter how strong your faith may appear to be now, if you discard it at some point in your life, your faith cannot be said to have been true.

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