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30th May

THE challenge is transforming our lives so that we are no longer swept along by force of habit or at the mercy of the whims of destiny. The incredible power to do that already exists inside you.

DIFFICULTIES impede the progress of those who are weak. For the strong, however, they are an opportunity to open wide the doors to a bright future. Everything is determined by our resolve. Our heart is what matters most.

IT is in one’s behaviour as a human being that Buddhism comes to life and where one’s faith is actually demonstrated. One might say that refined and respectworthy behaviour is an expression of correct faith.

NO doubt there are times when, at the crucial juncture, you feel completely worthless and incompetent. Such times in fact represent opportunities for you to manifest new potential. Whether you can use such opportunities positively determines your victory or defeat in life and happiness or misfortune.

THERE is no other way to build an eternal condition of true happiness that spans the three existences of past, present and future than to embrace the Gohonzon and chant daimoku wholeheartedly, as we devote ourselves to practise for ourselves and for others.

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