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17th July

TO believe in the Mystic law is to have utmost faith in you. It is to believe in the Buddha nature of all living beings; that is to regard all people with impartiality. It also means to believe in the absolute law of cause and effect. Carrying through with this attitude in faith enables you to develop a great character.

BUDDHISM reveals the ultimate Law of the universe and the ultimate principle for achieving happiness. Taking faith in Buddhism plants the seed of true happiness in our lives. There, we must not uproot and throw away, scorch, or otherwise spoil this seed of happiness as a result of harbouring hatred and jealousy against fellow believers and eventually discarding our faith.

AGE is irrelevant to faith. The person with faith is always youthful, always improving, better tomorrow than today, and better still the day after. That is the purpose of your training and self-discipline. For it is in your struggle with yourself that you improve yourself and find happiness.

ONE must live with dignity. Character is the foundation of human rights. It is far more valuable than money. No true peace can be achieved as long as we seek only material wealth.

IT is the spirit of Youth Division members to protect their mentor and stand up to take full responsibility for kosen-rufu. Mr Toda was a towering leader of kosen-rufu. My mind was solely filled with thoughts of how to protect him, how to go about realizing his vision, and how to communicate his greatness to people around the world.

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