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18th July

HOPE cannot exist without effort. One who spares no effort will without fail be able to open the way to a glorious future.

NO matter what happens, please continue to chant daimoku – in both good times and bad times, irrespective of your joys and sorrows, happiness and suffering. Then you will be able to seize victory in your daily life, in your lifetime and in your society.

IT is wisdom that moves the hearts of others. Victory is not determined by those around you or things and events in your environment. The most important thing is to cultivate and use your wisdom. Everything depends on wisdom.

IN life, the “season” of youth comes but once. What seeds are you planting in your life during this precious period? What are you engraving? What are you devoting your youthful passion towards? All of these things will have a critical impact on your whole future.

HOW can we bring forth actual proof? That is our challenge. Faith in the Mystic Law absolutely assures us of victory and prosperity in this life and throughout all eternity.

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