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13th September

WE, who live to fulfill our mission for kosen-rufu, should become the kind of people of whom our juniors will say, “I really want to follow in his footsteps and carry out a strong practice of faith.” President Toda called such people strong leaders. Of course, strength does not mean to show off one’s greatness. Rather, it means strong confidence and strong faith.

IGNORANCE and confusion about the mind, which is the base of all existence, is the source of all problems we confront today. When a person has lost sight of the true, original state of his own mind, he becomes victim to the cycle of his fate and wanders lost in painful distress, his life dominated by greed, anger, stupidity, arrogance and doubt. Buddhist teaching of the purification and transformation of life, that is, of the mind, is the basic great Law that will lead people from destruction to creation, from sadness to joy.

THE most important element of faith is action. Each of us will enjoy benefits and fortune in exact proportion to the amount of effort we devote, based on our own determination, to working for kosen-rufu, the Law and others. A person of action remains young and is always making progress. Faith that is merely abstract, unaccompanied by action, will only cause one to spin in circles and will not lead to growth.

THERE is no joy, happiness and ease surpassing that which we can attain through chanting daimoku. No matter how much you may pursue the things you love and skip gongyo to have a good time – all such fleeting, worldly pleasures pale beside the deep sense of satisfaction that comes from chanting daimoku.

IT is vital that leaders in the realm of faith, no matter what the circumstances, stand up with strong determination to work for the happiness of their fellow members and citizens in their local communities, countries and the entire world. Kosen-rufu is the great path to peace.

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