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10th October

THERE are members and friends who are suffering. We need to reach out to them with words of support and encouragement. It is important to respond immediately to the issues before us. Remaining silent is foolish, lacking in compassion, and leads to defeat.

IT is our human revolution – changing from someone who is buffeted about by the environment, to someone who can positively influence their surroundings – that enables us to construct an unshakeable palace within.

IT is in times of adversity that one’s spirit must blaze. It is in times of adversity that one must fight with courage. This is the way of the lion. Even if they are many in number, cowardly people who are quick to start complaining cannot do anything. When one is faced with the most difficult of circumstances, one can make the cause to realize the greatest victory.

PEOPLE who live a life devoted to friendship deserve our admiration. It is the sign of their sincerity and the mark of a lofty character. There is no one more despicable than one who forgets his friends as time passes and things change, and lose his integrity. In our world, the bonds between members are cemented by faith. I am convinced that there is no more elevated friendship, nor one stronger or more beautiful.

IN the world of the Mystic Law, no one is without a mission. Give capable persons the appropriate responsibility, so as to enable them to give their best. Never forget that we can see good in others when we give them a chance to show their ability.

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