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9th October

“ONE’S voice does the Buddha’s work.” (Gosho Zenshu, p708) Our voice can served as a jeweled sword for cutting down evil and corruption, or it can express warm, heartfelt encouragement. The voice that does the Buddha’s work is not merely your physical voice, either; it is also the words we write in proclaiming and defending the truth.

NO matter what happens, the important thing is to continue chanting. If you do so, you will definitely become happy. Even if things are not solved in the ways you had initially hoped or imagined, when you look back later, you will understand on a much more profound level that it was the best possible result. This in itself is tremendous inconspicuous benefit.

BUDDHISM is the excellent medicine that heals the wounds of human karma and suffering. There are no deadlocks in faith. We encounter problems and hardship so that we may grow and mature. We experience grief and sadness so that we may savour greater happiness. In the realm of Buddhism, even that which already seems to have improved will continue to become even harder. When we think we have reached the highest limit, we go higher still. This is the Mystic Law.

WHETHER or not anyone knows it or sees it, I am determined to watch over you for my entire life – no, for all eternity. I want to spend my whole life protecting you and fighting for you. This is my commitment, this is my pledge.

CONTACTING and reporting are the nerves of the organization because rapid and accurate communication, with which we can protect our members, will bring about our victory.

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