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16th November

ACTIVITIES for kosen-rufu require enormous effort, but for that reason we can accumulate great benefits, not only for ourselves in the present but also for ourselves into the future. Therefore, to pass up the opportunity to take on this struggle would be our infinite loss.

THERE is no more joyous realm than the world of faith. Chanting daimoku is the key to attaining genuine happiness and fulfilment at the most fundamental level of lives. Worldly pleasures provide momentary satisfaction destined only to fade and disappear. They are shallow and mere illusions.

IF our faith is weak, poison remains poison within us. But if our faith is strong, any poison, no matter how virulent, will be transformed into beneficial medicine. Therefore, I hope all of you will have utmost confidence. The greater our misery, the happier we will become. The one who suffers most will be happiest in the end. Such are the workings of the Mystic Law. Such is the immense power of the unfathomable Law of life.

EACH of us possesses the sure right to be truly happy. Another word for this right is faith. Therefore, if you discard or retreat in your faith, you abandon your "right" to become happy. Please become a winner in life as you maintain your right to happiness.

I declare that within the fighting spirit for kosen-rufu, there is faith in accord with the intentions of the original Buddha. It is not a matter of outward appearances or of social rank. It is our thoughts and actions that count.

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