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17th November

IF we neglect gongyo, the foundation for attaining Buddhahood in this lifetime, we cannot summon up life-force, and lose our qualification as followers of the Bodhisattvas of the Earth.

THE expression of a person who is engaged in a struggle is different from others. His eyes shine with a beautiful light. His inner satisfaction is naturally revealed in his external appearance, and his face takes an expression of ineffable refinement. You, too, are fighting. Your example is noble as you devote yourselves to the spiritual struggle for kosen-rufu.

HAPPINESS is ultimately determined by our “heart” of faith. If we have the heart to develop harmony among fellow members and the heart to prove justice by thoroughly fighting against evil, we will increasingly accumulate good fortune. On the contrary, if we have the heart to destroy the unity of itai doshin (many in body, one in mind) among believers, the heart that harbours doubts or cowardly avoids struggles, we will only ruin our good fortune.

WE who devote our lives to kosen-rufu remain forever youthful - our lives are un-aging. Brimming with powerful life force, we know no deadlock. Throughout eternity, we vigorously pursue the path of our mission - our lives are undying. There is no deadlock in this faith.

A person's true worth is measured by the extent to which they live in the present while giving thought to the distant future, a hundred years, a thousand years hence. Please be assured that all of your commendable daily efforts will give rise to eternal good fortune and benefit, protecting your families, bringing prosperity to your communities and becoming the source for peace around the world.

OUR movement for kosen-rufu is a noble enterprise to put the Buddhist philosophy of the sanctity of life into practice in all areas of society. Let us take pride in advancing on the leading edge of the times.

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