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1st November

IT is at critical moments that the great path to enlightenment unfolds. Stand up with the conviction that you can break through all obstacles. At such times you must not vacillate, retreat, or do anything else that will later give you cause for regret.

THE history of kosen-rufu will be created by climbing and conquering one mountain of victory after another. In the practice of Buddhism, there are no half measures; there is only a never-ending succession of advancement and constant challenge. The most crucial factor for achieving victory is conquering oneself.

OUR mind cannot be seen. Yet our inner determination is directly reflected in the world and the universe. If our inner state of mind is broad, profound and rich, then the same will be reflected in our life, our surroundings and the land where we live.

PROBLEMS are proof that we are alive. They are also the source of all growth and progress. We have to use our problems and sufferings as the energy or fuel for propelling us forward towards even greater happiness in the future.

IF we are going to live this life, we must not waste it on trivial, self-centred pursuits but instead live for a lofty ideal. And the loftiest ideal is worldwide kosen-rufu. Those who continue to uphold a great philosophy, a great ideal, and a great religion are unsurpassed victors as human beings.

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